My car looks like it will be written off - what are my options with it?

My 2007 Skoda Octavia was hit by a van on a roundabout and the insurance company are indicating that it could be declared a write-off. The damage is to the two near-side doors which still shut perfectly and the damage appears minimal although a local repair shop explained that replacement doors would be needed for repair as this would be the cheapest option. What are my options? Can I tell the insurance company that I don't want to claim for repair? If I accept a write off decision I will have to find a replacement in a hurry. Can I buy it back and have it repaired locally with two second-hand doors?

Asked on 13 November 2018 by D Powell

Answered by Tim Kelly
Your insurer cannot act in conflict to your interest, Do not let your insurer control your asset. It is your car and your choice what happens to it. Make sure you do not let them take it to their repairer or salvage - you are entitled to have your car repaired up to the market value. The first thing is to ascertain the market value of your car, so you know what you can repair up to. Ask the insurer for an engineers copy of their Audatex estimate if they have had one of their approved repairers evidence the repair cost. If the repair costs are greater than the value of the car, advise the repairer that you would be happy for them to source and use "green parts" to make it a viable repair. You want to avoid dealing with the claim on a total basis at all cost, but should you need to, yes you can retain the salvage - it is your car. You can also always cancel the claim if needed and claim directly from the third party using a claims management company. Your entitlement is here
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