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Can I apply to get back categories on my driving licence that I lost?

When renewing my driving licence at 70, I didn't apply to retain the right to continue to drive vehicles up to 7000kg. However, having enjoyed a motorhome for the last two years, I would like to be able to drive a vehicle over my current 3500kg. Can I apply for another licence with the previous gross weight limit?

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Yes. You will need forms D2 and D4. Some Post Offices can supply you with a pack or you can order the forms from here: / You then need to undergo an eye test (which is free) and a medical examination by your GP (I had to pay £60). You'll probably need a fresh countersigned photo. Then, eventually, you can bundle it all together and send it off. The whole process (including getting an appointment for a medical at your GP) can take a couple of months.
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