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How can we prove an HGV damaged our son's car?

At the end of our estate they have been building two new houses with lots of lorries. One of the lorries must have caught my sons car - its his first and first year of no claims . A 15 year old Peugeot worth about £300. They have wrecked the wing mirror and ripped/cut creased the bodywork. No doubt the repair value is far more than the value of the car and as its his first year of insurance can't really claim. I'll go see the site manager in the morning but do you have any bright ideas?

Asked on 25 October 2018 by sjw

Answered by Tim Kelly
If you cannot prove who did it, it is not worth doing anything. Seek a claim from the building site, but not through their insurance but in cash from the site. Do not involve any insurer or claims management company.
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