Why do you advise use of claims management companies?

I've noticed that you often advise using accident claim management companies when making a claim against a third party, instead of one's own insurance company. I thought that's what insurance companies were meant to do. Can you tell me why, please?

Asked on 23 May 2017 by Peter Lawley

Answered by Tim Kelly
Yes indeed, contrary to most 'regular' opinions I do. The reason being is that you have two sets of entitlement, one is contract law, the other is Tort law. Your insurer will advise you are bound by their terms and conditions which "may" not give you your "lawful" entitlement under Tort law. I.e. Your insurer "may" fit non-original or secondhand parts on your vehicle, or will try to steer you to use their "approved repairer" as they will try to repair your vehicle for as little as possible. They should be acting in your interest, but virtually never do. Even though this is breaching the FCA regulations under ICOBS 8.3.3. They then will charge the "at fault" insurer a higher amount as that is what you are lawfully entitled too. The insurer's profit from your loss. See fenchurchlaw.co.uk/coles-v-hetherton-implications-.../ Much better for you to be in control of your claim and your car rather than using your insurer, using a regulated accident management company or a solicitor to assist you in your claim can do this. This way you receive your lawful entitlement rather the insurer profiteering from it. Personally, I would only recommend using your insurer when you really really need to, I would certainly advise on investigating your options prior to claiming.
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