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I keep getting calls about compensation for an old accident - is this a scam?

Two years ago, another vehicle reversed into mine. I was parked but in the vehicle. Minor damage to both vehicles, no personal injury. My vehicle was repaired by the main dealer, with no cost to me, claiming on the other driver's insurance. In the last two years, I have received two telephone calls informing me I am entitled to compensation. With no injury and no out-of-pocket costs, I have declined both offers. Is this genuine, or some sort of scam?

Asked on 6 June 2017 by fivelnote

Answered by Tim Kelly
This should have stopped by now, as it in the process of being banned. It's not a "scam", they are just trying earn money out of your claim. If you had had an injury and not claimed, you would be entitled to compensation and could use one of these companies. If you don't have an injury and claimed, then you would be committing fraud and this is what these companies have been doing to bring the claims industry into disrepute. They are clearly very poor companies if using two year old data. What I would do is get their details, who they are, if they are a claims management company report them to the claims management regulator: If they are acting on behalf of a solicitor, report them to the SRA
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