What is the point of indicators?

If Tim Kelly is right about ignoring indicators at junctions (the Highway Code says 'should' not 'must') what is the point of indicators, which are required by law? If all drivers did what Tim says they should do, rush hour traffic in particular would be even worse.

Asked on 19 October 2018 by deepdale56

Answered by Tim Kelly
It is not what I am saying, this is what the Highway Code advises. It is a requirement that indicators are used to signal your intentions to other road users. The Highway Code then advises, that even though a vehicle may be indicating, does not mean that they will turn. I would suggest you read the Highway Code. The examples that are given are indicators being used to early, and someone turning into a junction passed where you are positioned, or it may even be that the indicators have not been cancelled. This is also covered quite a substantial amount of case law.
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