Someone was indicating to turn so I pulled out and we crashed - who is at fault?

I was stopped at a T-junction, waiting to turn right. A car approaching from the right, indicated to turn left, started to turn in but then continued straight on without cancelling his indicator (which he later admitted). I moved forward on seeing his turn, but he ran into me with consequent damage of £1700 caused. My insurer, says I am 60 per cent to blame, even though I saw his turn, because indicators carry no weight in law. I have been accident free since 1959 and thankfully and no-one was injured. In this modern age I thought indicators carried more weight in law?

Asked on 11 October 2018 by edward cain

Answered by Tim Kelly
The law would put you 100 per cent at fault. You should not proceed unless it is clear to do so. Just because someone is indicating, does not mean they are turning.
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