Why are insurers declining to give us a quote after a previous claim?

We have insurance on previous car where I was a primary driver/policy holder and my partner was a named driver. She had a minor accident in Sep 2017 for which we are in dispute and just yesterday the claims officer told that he might close the claim today in our favour. In addition to above there was another claim made against us last month (again we are not at fault but currently giving info to our insurance provider) and this time again we made no claim but other party did. We are buying a new car and it will only be on my name and my partner will not be in on that insurance. But two insurance companies have denied me insurance. Any suggestions on how to deal with this?

Asked on 21 September 2018 by kaps59

Answered by Tim Kelly
Use direct insurers or brokers rather than getting quotes online, that way you can explain the situation more easily, both claims are on your policy, so it will make no difference adding or removing your wife, there should not be any issues. Any insurer can decline to quote.
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