My car has been written off as a Cat S - can I keep the same personalised plate if I get it repaired?

My car, which carries a special number plate, was slightly damaged recently, but the insurance company's repairers wish to write it off. It is classified Cat S. I can get the vehicle repaired at a worthwhile price and will continue to run it. Is there any limitation on it carrying the same number? I understand that a Q registration number is sometimes issued and apparently such cars cannot carry special plates.

Asked on 5 September 2018 by Keith Webb

Answered by Tim Kelly
Your car cannot have been slightly damaged if it has been given a Cat S classification, that is structural damage. Your car will keep the registration you are on if you retain. Q registrations are for something completely different. These are generally for kit cars that have no donor vehicle or imports. Ask your insurer to provide a full copy of their engineers report specifying the cost of repair. If the repair cost is less than the market value, then the car is repairable and not a total loss. You can insist on it being repaired or request the full cost of repair if this is the case as a cash in lieu settlement.
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