We put my daughter on our insurance to build up her no claims - but have now been told she doesn't have any?

My wife and I insured the family cars with Admiral, because the blurb said that named young drivers would be building up a no claims for themselves to use when they got their own cars. My daughter, who's been a named driver for three years on my policy is now getting her own car and is told that she is no longer entitled to any NCD despite having a perfect three year record because my wife had a fault claim against her in 2016.

It then gets bizarre because its still cheaper to keep my wife on my daughter's car as a named driver than it is to take her off. So this decision that my daughter can't have three years NCD applies whether my wife goes onto her car policy or not, its because she was associated with my wife's car as another named driver.

I can see a sort of logic to what they're saying but is this the accepted way of insurance in such cases ?

Asked on 7 September 2018 by Roarke

Answered by Tim Kelly
Unfortunately yes it is. It is your wife's policy, if she has had an incident, then it will affect her no claims and stop your children from gaining theirs. It may be worthwhile complaining to them, the FOS and Advertising standards in that this is not made clear at the point of sale and that it is misrepresentation.
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