I bumped a car in a car park - should I settle the claim myself or claim from my insurer?

I bumped the car next to me whilst parking. The owner has obtained an estimate for repairs of £550. I currently have six years No Claims Discount, which will reduce to three years if I claim. There's no significant damage to my vehicle. I'm tempted to settle directly by paying for the repairs with my own money, rather than reporting the matter to my insurer. Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated.

Asked on 18 June 2018 by Martin Wheatley

Answered by Tim Kelly
There is no reason why you cannot, as long as it was not on a public highway. If it was, you must contact your insurer and advise them that you are making them aware for "informational purposes only". It is a requirement under the Road Traffic Act where there is potential for a claim to be made. An insurer would argue that you should tell them regardless though. Make sure any agreement with the other party is made in writing so you have evidence.
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