An accident management company left me £1500 out of pocket - what can I do?

Two years ago I was knocked off my motorbike by a driver who admitted full liability. I notified my insurance company, who said they'd put me in touch with an accident management company who would handle the case. I wouldn't be claiming on my insurance, so my NCD and excess wouldn't be affected. The accident management company contacted me promptly and said they would collect the bike and assess it. I explained about there being hundreds of pounds worth of extras on the bike (all declared to my insurer). They said not to worry, but not to remove anything otherwise it would jeopardise my claim - so I didn't. Two years down the line and they say they've paid me all of what I'm owed, which covered a basic bike but no extras. I took it the the Financial Ombudsman, who told me that accident management companies aren't covered by them. My legal rep for the case (also appointed by my insurer) say they can't help, so I am left £1500 out of pocket. I have been told I can take out a civil claim, but it'll cost me more than the £1500 I seek with no guarantee of success. Is there anything I can do to recover my losses?

Asked on 15 June 2018 by Simon Wadeson

Answered by Honest John
Contact the accident management company and ask for their professional indemnity insurers. Tell them that you will be claiming for your financial losses as a result of their negligence. You can contact the legal ombudsman too. I assume from this that your bike was a total loss and you are disputing the market value. If the extras were a permanent fixture modification, they should have been taken into account as part of the value. If not, they should have been claimed for as an uninsured loss.
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