Should we claim for an accident on a car that's only worth a few hundred pounds?

My daughter aged 25 was involved in a motorway accident. She was in the nearside lane when an HGV from Poland pulled over and scraped the side of her car - a 2003 Toyota Yaris, damaging the door and ripping off the door handle. She was not injured. At the time he admitted not seeing her and apologised. They exchanged details. However there are no witnesses. Should she claim? Her car is very old and the repairs will probably be just be a couple hundred pounds to the door and handle. I expect the Polish driver will change his story if I claim goes ahead. If she loses her NCD this will cost several hundred. What’s your advice?

Asked on 29 May 2018 by addle12

Answered by Tim Kelly
Don't claim via your insurer, claim by his company directly, and then his insurer. Or alternatively via a claims management company. Do not claim via your insurer as it can be a pain, and can drag on, so may not be worthwhile you claiming.
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