Is it possible to have no claims discount for two drivers on one car?

Is it possible to have NCD for two drivers on one car? We used to own two cars with our own NCDs, but now own only one car with me as main driver, and my wife as additional named driver. Next year my wife will lose her NCD under our current policy. Can you recommend any Insurance Co that allows both drivers to have their own NCD on one car?

Asked on 25 May 2018 by Michael Potter

Answered by Tim Kelly
This is where things get tricky. If your wife no longer has a vehicle, she will lose her no claims. Do you both use the car equally? if you do, have her as the main driver, and you as the named driver next year (she can insure her self as the main driver on a vehicle she does not own). If she is not the main driver, you can find insurer's that will take into account that she has been on your policy when she comes to get another vehicle. Do you intend to get another car? Your no claims are kept for three years. You cannot - and never have been able to - have two sets of no claims on one policy, unless it was under a block family policy. And then, It is always assigned to the main policy holder. Try contacting independent brokers.

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