How do I purchase Gap Insurance on my pre-reg car if I'm not the registered keeper yet?

I bought a pre-registered car with 10 miles on the clock recently. However, as it's classified as a demo model, the Mazda dealer tells me they must keep the V5 for 90 days. When trying to purchase Gap Insurance (I declined Mazda's offer), I read that I must be the registered keeper. in the Terms and Conditions. Am I the keeper in the eyes of the insurer? If not, how do I resolve this situation?

Asked on 16 May 2018 by Gud

Answered by Tim Kelly
Buy the car in 90 days rather than now and wait until it's yours. Ignore what the dealer is telling you. The dealer needing to pre-register to hit his sales targets is not your problem. You need the V5 to be in your name.
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