Does mileage have an effect on the value of written off cars?

I own a 2003 Vauxhall Astra. It's silver, manual with a mileage of 160,000. It;s just been written off and I need to agree its value with the insurers. I've noted a number of comparables for sale around £1000, but mileages with much lower mileages. Am I right to contend that for a car of this age, the mileage is not significant in valuing the vehicle? Does colour and number of owners affect the value?

Asked on 1 May 2018 by Locks

Answered by Honest John
If your vehicle was brand new a colour option could have an affect on value, but on a vehicle of this age it wouldn't. Your car is worth around £500. The guides that insurers use will take mileage into consideration up to 150,000 miles. After that, the affect of mileage on value reduces. If you are being offered more than that, they are being very fair with you.
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