Suzuki Alto (2009 - 2015)


1.0 SZ 5dr

reviewed by Royboy1 on 17 December 2019
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Brilliant cheap car no frills just dose what I ask of it 54 mpg Zero-road tax and £130 year insurance

These cars are Brilliant and very underrated cheap car no frills it’s basic inside but has all you need strong willing engine you have too work it hard but it loves it never complains and on motorway it’s super keeps up with all traffic it just dose what I ask of it 54 mpg Zero-road tax and £130 year insurance now why spend £15000 on a ford or Vauxhall or Audi or VW
Trust me these Suzuki alto or Nissan pixo which is it’s twin clone made by Nissan just different badges same car in every way
Suzuki reliability cheap enough to buy and run on a budget if you want luxury don’t buy one if you want too laugh
At people who spent £8000 more then you for similar car then they a ALTO I’ve had earlier versions of these and my god it was superb too never let me down both my sons learned too drive in it then ran it for collage for 4 years it was only meant to be a stop gap car but stayed with us for 6 years and both my boys say it’s still the best car they will ever own
I’ve now got a 2014 alto and done 45000 from new it’s superb I only paid £5995 brand new from Suzuki leeds
And I won’t sell it as it’s worth more to me and my other son is taking on after me he loves it as it’s so cheap too run
Service and it’s never needed any parts yet lol ?? so if I’ve one thing I can moan at it’s the Radio it’s horrible and cheap
And crap worst radio ever fitted to a car ever but it works and that’s about it Suzuki ALTO the car that people don’t look at
Theifs don’t Knick it candles don’t see it it’s perfect for every day thanks Suzuki I love my Alto and will be back for next cheap outcast you have too offer 5****star car on pocket money brilliant

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Road TaxA–D
MPG54.3–65.7 mpg
Real MPG80.0%

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