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KIA Sedona (2006 - 2012)

reviewed by ian salt on 7 March 2019

2.9 auto

reviewed by Parcel on 13 November 2012
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Amazing, wow, stupendous!

I got this car from a dealer in the South West, after it had the injectors sorted out (at their expense) I started using it,
Its amazing it feels so big at first, then u just get used to it. Its cavernous, its like the inside of an aircraft in there. Its got loads of extras, drop down dvd, individual air con, plenty of space for hidin things .........

When I first got it, my bro said:
Why do you need something so big!
Hes not saying that now!

I love the fact the 2 rows of seats come out, then u got a minivan, beats the ole Transists anyday, wish I had one when I was slummin it (I mean touring with bands).
When ur driving it, it feels more like a 4x4 than a large people carrier.

So its a taxi, an airport limousine (for those important people) a people carrier, a minivan, my little touch of luxury and its mine, all mine!

Sorry about that, got a bit carried away.

Anyway, I just love it (as long as it keeps going) the tax is only £270 (other models are £460). Its the same cost of insurance as my 99 silver, auto Ford Mondeo which I had to scrap, sigh!

Still I got the best deal, tho its only because my dad passed away, we could afford it.
Oh yeh, the wife loves it too, as she can get in and out a lot easier than the Mondy, she likes to open the window as she dont get much cool air from the passenger side, so I cant hear what she's saying (shame aint it).

So all in all, a great buy, I paid 4K for the 2006 auto 2.9 CRDi L trim in "Platinum Metallic Gold" (not "Beige" as it says on the log book) beige I'll give em "beige", cheek!

Recently got a reversing camera for it, cos its so long.
I'll let you know how it works.....................


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reviewed by wolfrider9446 on 4 August 2011
reviewed by dd1 on 6 March 2011

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Road TaxI–L
MPG26.4–42.2 mpg
Real MPG78.3%

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