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KIA Sedona (2006 - 2012)

reviewed by ian salt on 7 March 2019
reviewed by Parcel on 13 November 2012

2.9 CRDI LS Auto People Carrier

reviewed by wolfrider9446 on 4 August 2011
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Lovely space, steady mover, nice control, absolutely horrid on the fuel consumption.

I bought this car from a dealership in June, I needed it for the space it had. The seats are easily removed but extremely heavy, and are easy to put back in again which I found was great, but where do you put the seats once removed? (Garage in my case) I got little change in the fuel economy even without the extra weight of the seats but there was a still a slight increase to be fair.
So long as you can afford the fuel to feed this monster I would say go for it, the road tax is a little extreme at £425 per annum but it is a 2.9 litre so what would you expect and it is only once per year so pros and cons. It runs smoothly even from cold, does have a surprising amount of acceleration behind it if you want to put your foot down and rev the nuts and bolts off of it but lets face it, why would you need to.
The space is amazing inside of it, it is like driving around in a pimped out ford transit once the seats are reomved. A friend of mine and I transported a sofa to their house in the back of it and with it having those soft and hardy carpets on the floor and flight trays on the rear of the front chairs I could have been sat in a tiny living room, all was missing was a lamp and tv, you have height and length and width and if you remove only the 2 centre seats you still ahve a large amount of space and have a 5 seater.
Looks MASSIVE, my friend took one look at it and asked if it had eaten any other cars on its way to their house, looks big, feels big is BIG. Their kid thought it was fantastic as he could run from the very back all the way to the front in his socks because of the carpet to him it was like a space ship.
Handling was nice, it was responsive, took corners niceley even though some of them were taken a little faster than I should have done in a car that size, but you feel nice and safe and you don't get any feeling that its going to topple like you do in some smaller cars, nice big mirrors that really do help you see around and you being high up have a very nice view of the road too, lots of little fold out cuby holes, glasses case built in, auto windows at front and fold out at rear but the centre windows are fixed. However there are controlled blowers on either side of the car in the centre that can be controlled from the front or control given to the passengers, well thought up and with tinted windows the car stays cool on sunny days.

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reviewed by dd1 on 6 March 2011

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Road TaxI–L
MPG26.4–42.2 mpg
Real MPG78.3%

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