FIAT Grande Punto (2006 - 2009)

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1.3 16v MultiJet 75 Dynamic 3dr Hatchback

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Elegant, uderstated, spacious and efficient hatchback

I have been very pleased with this car for the three years I've had it. The Giorgio Giagaro designed body is exquisite - a small masterpiece of design. The 1.3 turbo diesel multijet engine is excellent and delivers excellent fuel economy (60+mpg on the motorway) and low emissions for cheap (£30pa) road tax but economy suffers quickly if it is pushed. It feels quite punchy, cruises well on the motorway and it keeps up with traffic easily enough but it is unlikely you will loose your licence in this car - ultimate performance is adequate rather than quick. The car is easy, smooth, predictable and accurate to drive, even if the steering and general dynamics are slightly "dead" compared to some other cars. The ride and refinement are judiciously sorted, feeling acceptably smooth and well-insulated for this size and price of car.

Equipment is good: The "Blue&Me" hands-free mobile phone bluetooth kit/iPod/MP3 player connector with steering wheel controls is brilliant. The car came as standard with air con and electric windows and mirrors (heated). With the enormous solar gain from the huge windscreen, I would not buy this car without air conditioning.

In an age when small cars' interiors are getting ever more brash and chavvy (lots of shiny metal bling but cheap materials), the unfussy and understated interior of the Punto is reassuring and classy. Everything is clear and logically laid out: all buttons are large and clearly labelled. It is a practical car for a 3-door: space for passengers in the back is good and the boot is a useful size, even if baggage for 4 passengers is a bit of a squeeze.

The running costs have been brilliant with excellent fuel economy, cheap road tax, modest insurance and acceptable servicing costs. Despite some people's prejudices, reliability has been good and the build quality feels tough and better finished than you would expect for the price.

Fiat have long experience and a good pedigree of design in this sector of the market and this is certainly a front-runner, with its good looks, spacious and practical interior, good engine and extremely low running costs.

It is a shame Fiat ruined this beautiful car's looks with the ugly, fussy, nose job in the Grande Punto Evo.

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reviewed by AlanGowdy on 22 May 2010

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Road TaxC–G
MPG42.8–62.8 mpg
Real MPG89.4%

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