Fiat Grande Punto (2006 - 2009)



reviewed by Anonymous on 7 October 2017
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A overall good car for the price strong Diesel engine let down by electrics

My Father bought this car for me brand new as I was struggling at the time with CSA Payments along with a new Family.
The car was bought from a well established Franchise at CROSSHANDS CARMS and was let down by the mandatory services carried out by them when they changed tyres that didn't need changing and when I had fuel problems found out that the diesel filter hadn't been changed since the car had been bought!! which I had apparently been charged for on each dealer service
Anyway overall for the price I think around the £7-8000 mark it has been a relatively tidy car apart from the following things
Both front shocks and rear suspension replaced haven't done over 60000 miles yet
The Fan blower connections faulty have to twist them in passenger footwell to connect and Fan then works until passenger inevitably touches the connector block
The heater plugs packed in after 3 yrs annoying as I had probably only done 25000 miles replaced them myself no bother since
Left the car standing for about 6 months due to a bust up leg couldn't drive big mistake apparently the Fuel/air flow sensor corroded and had to be replaced
The exhaust after 3 years on its 1st MOT so in 2012 was found to be badly corroded on the outside but hey ho it's still doing the same job 5yrs on??
The drivers side window electric motor packed up cost me about £250 parts and labour Fiat quoted me £400 just for the motor
Seat release mechanism cable snapped last year more annoying than anything else.
Thankfully the engine has been rock solid however the Turbo blew 3 days after a Dealer service and replaced under warranty
Apart from the above has been a fairly alright car and has now got about 58,000 miles on the clock and used as a commuting school run family car would I buy another one probably but from new

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Road TaxC–G
MPG42.8–62.8 mpg
Real MPG89.3%

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