Citroen C4 Grand Picasso (2014 - 2018)


1.6 BlueHDi Exclusive+ EAT6 Auto 5dr

reviewed by Anonymous on 15 March 2021
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The 4th one I've owned...

I love these Grand Picassos. Did over 100K in each of the first three, then I retired so this one, at 5 years old, only has 49K on the clock. Undoubtedly the most comfortable and relaxing long-distance cars I have ever owned - on a par with my old Volvo 245 I had 30 odd years ago which I thought would never be equalled. It was easy to drive down from Aberdeen to London and get out and go straight into an afternoon meeting!

Each one has had a different fault, (the first two were with the pneumatic rear suspension (now discontinued) and on this one it was the "Add Blu" system) but none ever caused me to have a roadside stop, and each time the repair was done under warranty whith no fuss from Citroen's excellent service agent in Montrose.

During the time I have owned this car I have averaged 52.1 mpg overall on a random mix of single-track and normal country roads, in-city driving in Aberdeen, and dual carriageways. The engine pulls brilliantly, and the new Aisin 6 speed semi-automatic gearbox is a significant improvement over the earlier versions.

As the grandchildren have grown and scattered tto the four winds, I really don't need a 7 seater any more, and as we've also just moved int town from an outlying village we will probably trade both mine and my wife's car (a C1) in for the 5 seater version of the SpaceTourer.

I am amazed by some of the stories in some other reviews, but can honestly say that I and two other friends with C4GPs (one on their second, the other on their third!), have never had problems that would make us consider buying anything else.

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reviewed by Tee 79 on 10 November 2020
reviewed by Anonymous on 10 June 2019

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Road TaxA–F
MPG44.8–74.3 mpg
Real MPG71.2%

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