Our Cars: SEAT Ateca 2.0 TDI Xcellence 4Drive DSG

7 November 2016: Our Cars test... GOLD

The Details

Current mileage 1203
Claimed economy 53.3mpg
Actual economy 39.8mpg

We went to the Lake District for a couple of days away with the kids recently, in the Ateca. We had a lovely time. Everything went smoothly. We were on our way home. “Hasn’t everything gone smoothly,” I said.


Pull over. Survey the carnage, dad style. Yep, that tyre's flat alright. Everyone out of the car. First things first...

“Why’s daddy taking a photograph, mammy?”

“Erm, because…”

“I’ll take this one. It’s because this, kids, is our cars test gold.”

“What’s an our cars vest hold?”

“Our cars test gold. It means something interesting has happened to our car, which means I've got stuff to write about. In this case I’m about to fix the tyre, then I’ll have to have the tyre replaced, and that’s all very…oh, you’ve stopped listening.”


Open boot.

“Yes! No tyre repair kit – it’s a spare. Lovely stuff. Time to be a man.”

Replace tyre successfully. Manly pride.

Next day(ish). Take tyre to general tyre centre. Tyre can’t be repaired because of style and location of hole. Damn. Phonecall.

“Hello, is that Pulman SEAT in Sunderland? Yes, I’d like to replace a Bridgestone tyre on an Ateca, as like-for-like as possible…how much?! Oh, ok then.”

Go to Sunderland. Nice people. Wait 90 minutes on a chair next to a Mii. Patience wearing thin. Approach service desk.

“Oh, yes Mr. Nichol, it’s ready but it’s not been cleaned yet. Do you want to take it anyway? That’ll be £169 please.”

Pay. Drive home.

Like I said, long-term update gold. 

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7 November 2016: Our Cars test... GOLD
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