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The growth in the popularity of SUVs and crossovers, particularly among family buyers, continues to grow. But which are rated the highest by actual owners in the Honest John Satisfaction Index?
We've examined the results of the 2020 Honest John Satisfaction Index to discover which hatchbacks perform the best. Here are the top 10.
These are the least reliable cars according to the results of our Satisfaction Index 2020.
These are the least reliable carmakers according to the results of the Satisfaction Index 2020.
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The second generation Q3 is bigger - and much more spacious inside - than the original. So does it cut the mustard as a premium but compact SUV?
The design-led Arteon replaces the Volkswagen CC, but is this more than just a Skoda Superb with a posh suit on?
The new Discovery may look like it's gone soft but it's actually even more capable than the old model - both on and off road.
Audi hasn't been in a rush to replace the first A5 Cabriolet but its successor has been worth the wait.

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