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25 November 2016: A brilliant crossover...I'm confused

The Details

Current mileage 2153
Claimed economy 53.3mpg
Actual economy 40.2mpg

The SEAT Ateca is just about the most popular car by search on HonestJohn.co.uk at the moment, peaking right about the time that we made a video about it. I’d like to say that timing was by design, but it wasn't. In fact, the Ateca's popularity has taken us by surprise.   

It probably shouldn’t have. The Ateca has been years coming (if ever a brand and a sub-genre were perfectly matched it’s SEAT and a crossover SUV), and by making a Leon-inspired one, SEAT was pretty much guaranteed a winner; the Leon is brilliant.

I worked at SEAT when the Leon was launched in 2012, so I saw first hand the genuine excitement around the place when it happened. This was clearly going to be an epoch-defining product - and so it's proving. (Look at the newly anounced Ibiza, which is to the Leon what Verne Troyer is to Dr. Evil.)  

Anyway, here we are. SEAT has made a crossover and you’re all, seemingly, intrigued by it. I was too. Still am. And on paper – as we explain in the video - SEAT’s done a cracking job. It’s really well priced, really well equipped for the money, looks as good as you could expect for a two-box fat hatchback and is, probably, the most satisfying one to drive this side of £30,000.

FbdfbdfzbsdfbStrange thing is, though, when we were shooting the video I realised that my near-nepotistic fondness for the Ateca doesn’t translate into a visceral one: I think it’s boring.

One of the things we cut from the video was a scene explaining that SEAT offers ridiculous wheel colour combinations, apparently aimed at sexing the Ateca up...but ultimately doing so with all the spohistication of a neon thong.

Maybe I’m just bored with crossovers in general and I’m taking it out on the Ateca, but I just can’t get my head around something: as a ‘young buyer’ (in car consumer terms, anyway) with a couple of young kids, the Ateca should be hitting my proverbial bullseye – it’s a reasonably priced, stylish, high quality and spacious family car that drives nicely, looks like a 4x4 and isn’t a Nissan Qashqai. But I find it as exciting as the sales rack at Edinburgh Woollen Mill. 

I’m still hoping it’ll grow on me. And, if you’re interested in a crossover thing, it’s still the one I’d recommend. Weird.

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