Our Cars: Lexus GS450h F Sport

Having covered just over 8000 miles since September, David has grown very fond of the Lexus.
As more manufacturers branch out into hybrid power, our Lexus GS450h has an ever increasing number of rivals.
While a hybrid system is designed to delivery low emissions the GS450h isn't shy when it comes to performance.
The return leg from Spain gave me a chance to appreciate the refinement and quiet nature of the Lexus.
A trip to Spain for the new year saw me covering more than 2500 miles in the GS450h but economy still isn't great.
After three months and several thousand miles I'm starting to notice a few small issues with the GS450h.
Although I appreciate the advantages of CVT gearboxes I've never been a fan. And with the GS I've developed a love hate relationship.
Just in time for the cold weather, we get our GS prepared for winter with a fresh set of winter tyres which will hopefully keep us mobile if it snows.
Rather than a dial or touchscreen, the GS is fitted with a mouse-like controller for accessing all the on board functions. But it's not proved popular...
Is hybrid power the future? We're not yet convinced but real world economy in the Lexus is actually pretty impressive.
The interior of the latest GS450h is far more modern than the old model yet there are still some old fashioned touches.
The newest addition to our cars is the Lexus GS450h - the first hybrid we've had on the fleet. So how will it fare over the next six months?

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