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Revealed: 2020 Kia Picanto

Published 03 June 2020

Kia has upgraded its affordable city car with interior updates, styling changes and a range of improved engines. The 2020 Picanto will go on sale in the autumn with prices expected to start in the region of £11,000.

The facelifted Kia Picanto line-up uses the same 1.0 and 1.2-litre petrol engines as the outgoing model, but both have been updated to meet the latest WLTP CO2 emissions regulations. Updates include a new engine management system, a revised fuel injection system and improved exhaust gas recirculation lines.

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The 1.0-litre three-cylinder engine offers 67PS and 96Nm of torque, while the 1.2-litre four-cylinder has an output of 84PS and 122Nm of torque. Kia says changes to both engines improve their fuel efficiency, but haven't published any mpg figures for the 2020 Picanto.

At the top of the Picanto line-up sits a revised version of the city car's turbocharged 1.0-litre three-cylinder unit, which produces 100PS and 172Nm of torque and can switch between different combustion cycles depending on the driving situation.

2020 Picanto Interior 1 (1)

All three engines come fitted with a five-speed manual gearbox - with a five-speed automatic gearbox available as an optional extra. In terms of safety updates, the 2020 Picanto will offer automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, blindspot monitoring, lane-keeping assistance and a driver attention warning.  

The new Picanto gets more personalisation options with 10 paint finishes and either 14-inch or 16-inch alloy wheels, while the GT-Line and X-Line models will see new bumpers, redesigned front lights and LED rear lights.

Inside, the Volkswagen Up rival has a new 4.2-inch digital dashboard and an eight-inch infotainment system featuring Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Buyers also have a choice of either cloth or faux-leather seat upholstery and a range of interior colour packs - lime, orange, red and green.

The Picanto will also be one of the first Kia models to offer Phase II UVO Connect telematics features, meaning you'll get smartphone app-based system for a range of functions - like checking the location of the car and sending route directions to the sat-nav.

Prices for the updated Picanto have yet to be revealed, but we expect prices to start at around £11,000. It will go on sale across Europe in the third quarter of 2020.


gavsmit    on 4 June 2020

I've been tempted by the Kia Picanto GT-Line turbo for a while now as there seems to be some good discounts available. I also like the look of the Hyundai i10 N Line but news on the launch of that car has dried up and no doubt it will be a lot more expensive than people expect.

So this new Picanto looked interesting, until I saw the styling of the GT Line model. The front is a bit too fussy with pointless bits of plastic here and there, but the worst thing is the false tailpipes out the back!

The whole thing looks tacky when it doesn't need to, as lesser spec versions look quite good.

aethelwulf    on 8 June 2020

Well, I have a 2010 Piccanto and it works just fine. It cost £6200 on the road cash. Kia have gone mad with their silly prices and constant updates. What are they trying to prove? That they are as daft as Ford? I suppose so. The seven year warranty is a tempt but it means you are tied to the dealer for servicing which will costs thousands over that period. Just be warned that they know how to charge.

targen    on 23 August 2020

£6200 in 2010 is about £10000 in todays money... given the current (JA) Picanto is exponentially safer , cheaper to service , faster , and more economical (as well as 15% larger!!) than the 2010 (SA) model , seems to be fairly priced to me

flumff    on 8 June 2020

I wonder about seven year warranties, are they real?
Kia are judge and jury.

Its the way youve been driving it sir!

The battery was playing up on my three month old Suzuki S Cross.
A 1600 petrol with a 36ah battery, the size you would put on a ride
on lawnmower.
The RAC man gave me a printout from his testing machine.
It said replace battery.
I showed it to the the Suzuki service manager.
Who stated he did not know what it meant.

I bought myself a Bosch 45ah battery been superb ever since.

I still miss the starting handle.

targen    on 23 August 2020

Theres a reason transverse engined cars dont have a starting handle.... and for the record , yes the 7 year warranty is genuine.... if , for example , an electric window motor fails within 7 years.. then as it isnt a serviceable item , it will be replaced regardless of the cars service history (or lack of it)...the only parts that are subjective are those which require regular , prescribed , servicing , and wear and tear parts.

rockhard    on 8 June 2020

who the heck will froth at the mouth for a 11k korean lawnmower with doors
ooh , 7 yr warranty it will outlive me she remarked.
Well pilgrim the 11k plus mettalic is only 9.5 k AT BEST in todays value.
BUT the extra 1500 quid is to justify the extra 4 above the 3 years which the price of the car would be with 3 year waranty.
also they will charge much more to service and repair with genuine kia lawnmower parts. So for kia its a win win ,

targen    on 23 August 2020

Doesnt that apply to every manufacturer... especially those "premium" brands offering just a 3 year warranty on their over-rated (usually German) overweight posemobiles....

rockhard    on 8 June 2020

just to add i actually bought a one owner 15 plate one for my mum in september 2016 as my dad of 86 then ,wrote off her yaris in july by driving into a neighbours front wall . It was a 2 door sporty one in a limited met colour with A SLOPPY auto box . That lasted till march 2017
when she decided to see how sturdy her bank was built, and the bank won . IT made the local paper ,picture and all . It was OF COURSE a write off . Bit of silver lining ,as i made mum and dad
GIVE UP THEIR DRIVING LICENSES . the insurance paid her over 9 k for it .

gavsmit    on 27 July 2020

Hyundai have finally unveiled the extortionate price of their i10 N Line model. It costs a ridiculously high £16,195 for something that's supposed to be sporty but takes a leisurely 10.5 seconds to get from 0-60! It also costs another £1,000 for a technology pack that provides things like satnav but you'd expect that to be standard on such a tiny city car costing so much money!

As £17,195 is the kind of money I'd expect to pay for a lot bigger / better car, I'm looking at what this facelifted Kia Picanto will be sold at (including a hefty discount hopefully) - despite not being 100% keen on the styling tweaks of the new GT-Line model.

Point taken about what others have said about long warranties only being as good as what the manufacturer decides they are going to pay out for - but after a terrible experience of a Mazda a few years back that was still well within their 3 year warranty, and their appalling customer service and truly extortionate servicing prices, I tend to read owners reviews now rather than give too much clout to the length of warranties.

targen    on 23 August 2020

Personally I would never buy a "GT-line" , "N_line" , or any other tarted up model from any manufacturer.... its just a way of extorting money for stupidly low profile wheels and plastic knick-knacks....

targen    on 23 August 2020

Everyone will soon be able to kiss goodbye to ALL small cheap town cars from every manufacturer...the costs of all the emission control equipment needed by ALL cars , regardless of size , along with the ever increasing safety equipment deemed as a requirement mean it will be uneconomic to produce any "cheap" car... there will be no money to be made selling cars under £15000 , regardless of their size or proposed usage.

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