Genesis G80 Review 2024

Genesis G80 At A Glance

Honest John Overall Rating
The Genesis G80 is competing in an extremely tough part of the market, but anyone looking beyond the usual German options will find a comfortable, luxurious and distinctive saloon.

+Strong sense of luxury. Good performance. Impressive value for money.

-Limited boot space. Fuel consumption. Ride can be firm at times.

Genesis is still a relative newcomer to the UK, and represents the upmarket arm of Hyundai in the same way that Lexus offers a step up from Toyota. The Genesis G80 is designed to compete with premium saloons such as the Mercedes E-Class and the BMW 5 Series, offering high levels of comfort as well as style and an engaging driving experience. Read our Genesis G80 review to see if it delivers.

From the outside, the Genesis G80 is clearly no wallflower. Although a saloon, it has a more coupe-like shape with a long, flowing roofline and a short tail, while at the front an imposing front grille and lengthy bonnet give it real presence.

A generous description would be to say it has a touch of Bentley about it, but for a brand that is effectively starting from scratch in the UK, it is understandable that it has been designed to make a strong visual impact.

Inside, the Genesis G80 continues to make a strong first impression. The cabin definitely has a premium feel to it, with large, sumptuous seats, a sizeable infotainment screen and plenty of quality materials, especially if you choose one of the higher specification versions which add lots of leather and wood.

There is a real quality feel to the switchgear, too, with a reassuring click and snap to the buttons and switches.

From launch, the Genesis G80 was offered with a choice of a 2.5-litre turbocharged petrol engine offering 304PS, with optional four-wheel-drive, or a 2.2-litre diesel with 210PS, both equipped with an eight-speed automatic as standard.

However the diesel engine was dropped in 2022, although some versions may be available on the used market.

In addition, the Genesis G80 is also available as an electric car, with 370PS, four-wheel-drive as standard and an 87.2kWh battery with a claimed 323-mile range.

The diesel option offers decent refinement and is likely quick enough for most buyers, as well as offering the best fuel consumption.

The petrol, meanwhile, delivers strong performance – 0-62mph is possible in six seconds, with a 155mph top speed – although considerably worse fuel consumption.

The driving experience is close to key rivals in the class, if not at quite the same level. Noise levels are low and the engines are refined, which adds to the feeling of luxury, particularly on longer journeys.

The Genesis G80 is an easy car to drive, and although it does not offer the same amount of driving pleasure as the BMW 5 Series, it is composed through corners, with plenty of grip.

In most situations, the ride quality is also good, but the suspension is slightly on the firm side, which can mean larger road imperfections are transmitted to the cabin.

On balance, the Genesis G80 is not quite as complete a package as the established class leaders, but in many areas it is highly competent.

Throw in a price tag that is significantly below those same rivals, and it makes an appealing option for anyone willing to consider an alternative to the usual suspects.