OK your comments noted...... so its a OCTAVIA, TOLEDO before the
BORA >>>
Now the technical question for you boys in the backroom >>>>> Do i buy
the petrol 1600 or the diesel 1900 tdi . Yes i know fuel consumption will
be much better with the diesel but what about longevity for the engine
which is the easiest to maintain considering 10 year lifespan and mileage
of probably 8-9 k per year , mainly in short bursts with occasional good
burst once a week. Im assuming that diesel is best for such conditions ?
Convince me.... !!!!!!!!!!!1

Regards.... Kenn.
I get the impression that there isn't too much to go wrong with the TDI. However, in terms of enjoyable driving, the 1.9 TDI is gorgeous. The torquey pull is wonderful.

The TDI is fitted, as you've pointed out, to VWs, Audis, Seats, and Skodas. Over those ten years, if something disastrous does go wrong there should be no end of spare donor engines from A3s, A4s, A6s, Passats, Golfs, Boras, Octavias, Fabias, Ibizas, Leons, Toledos. . .

In my opinion the Octavia looks a more classy car than the Toledo - it has a cleaner style, and it has an enormous boot and estate.
If you seriously intend to keep the vehicle for ten years then buy the V5. spend as long as you like doing the maths, the negligible difference in cost will be more than offset by the wry smiles you will be producing for the next decade.
Petrol consumption - David Lacey
I find it very depressing filling my tank. Doing it any more often would really p**s me off. This would certainally be the case with the V5.
Don't get me wrong - the V5 is a super vehicle but I just couldn't live with the fuel consumption. I have driven one as a company car for a month.
The Diesel is by far the best bet, go for it!
Diesels! - David Lacey
Ah!! At last a fellow Diesel fan!
You are quite right that Diesel is the fuel of the future
Predictions point to an explosion in the demand for Diesel engined vehicles in the near future
If anybody doubts the benefits of a Diesel car, then they are most welcome to try my 'chipped' Rover 45 TD
I KNOW they would be converted to Diesel power after driving it..
Re: Diesels! - Ben Lacey
David Lacey wrote the following passage:

"If anybody doubts the benefits of a Diesel car, then they are most welcome to try my 'chipped' Rover 45 TD
I KNOW they would be converted to Diesel power after driving it.."

When do I get to have a go then? I never got to drive the VR6...
VR6 & Diesels - David Lacey
Yeah but you were only a tacker back then Ben!
I wasn't going to let you loose with 190BHP! :-) Escort diesel van, maybe!
You're free to drive my motor when you're back home

Your long-lost Brother - Dave
Re: Petrol consumption - Alvin Booth
I think diesel is the fuel of the future. If petrol was just coming onto the market I don't think it would get a foothold.
What has it going for it.?
Once you get hooked onto diesels you'll be there for life.

Re: VR6 & Diesels - Guy Lacey
Dave, he can't even handle a 1-litre Citroen AX.
Re: VR6 & Diesels - Dave M
ive got to reply to this ,
lacey your vr6 was only 190 bhp in your wildest dreams
and mate im very sorry but chipped your car may be but its still a knocky rattley smelly diesel ROVER im afraid ill be sticking to my petrol cars smooth fantastic sounding engines that really do purr and remember you worked out your mpg in front of me the other day 33 really not that impressive explain it to me i just dont get this diesel thing
and dont forget a basic 2 litre petrol will run rings around you on performance
im sorry mate you will never convince me
Re: HJ speaks Re: VR6 & Diesels - Dave M
im sorry i hate to sound bitchy about this but yes corrado did have 190 bhp but sadly daves car was a mk11 golf running the smaller 2.8l vr6 engine from the mk111 golf and i watched it read 171bhp on a rolling road in exeter its a long running joke because dave had a sticker on the back of his car at the time saying 190 bhp
VR6 & Diesels - David Lacey
Dave M get your facts right - you never came to the Club GTi rolling road session in Gillingham - that's when it showed 190BHP on their rolling road
Dave - diesels will still be around when LPG and petrol cars are long dead
Watch this space........
Re: VR6 & Diesels - Stuart B
Its a good job there are some people who like petrols because what would we do with all that petrol thats part of the refining process when crude oil is refined.

However I note that even the BBC is getting pro diesel.
Re: VR6 & Diesels - Tim T
Practically all the BBC's own vehicles are diesels, maybe that's why. But I guess that's not what you were getting at.
Re: BBC & Diesel - Stuart B
Tim T wrote:
> Practically all the BBC's own vehicles are diesels, maybe
> that's why. But I guess that's not what you were getting at.

Yes you are right Tim that is not what I was getting at. It was due to Breakfast telly the other morning which had a series of pieces following on from the bit that Dagenham was going to build Fords next generation of diesel engines, and why this was. Plus why was the diesel market share increasing.

In the past there would have been a rabid Top Gear/Green style anti diesel mantra being issued. Yet there was actually some reasonably balanced reporting including input from Trade Sales of Slough, Ford themselves, a bit on company car tax, plus from a journo who had worked out that in some very special cases it was better to have a small petrol.

Now although I drive a diesel I am not one of those frantic Diesel Heads like the writers in Diesel Car mag, because it is IMHO still a case of horses for courses,. I suppose I was congratulating the Beeb for a bit of balanced reporting on a motoring issue for once. As usual each piece was compressed into 30 nanoseconds of air time though.
Re: BBC & Diesel - Neil
In 1999 Ford announced that it would be continuing Fiesta production at Dagenham and introducing a second vehicle, expected to be the Ka.

If Dagenham are to supply diesels, developed in conjunction with PSA, then hopefully the longterm employment prospects will be secured through cross-platform and cross-marque use of these second-generation diesels.
Re: VR6 & Diesels - honest john
A Corrado 2.9VR6 had 190 brake as standard.

HJ speaks Re: VR6 & Diesels - Micky
">A Corrado 2.9VR6 had 190 brake as standard.<"

So it must be true, the man from the Telegraph said so.

(Sorry John)



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