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My wife and I are renewing our car insurance, and would like to double check what we do, and do not need to declare.

1. In 2011, my wife was driven into, driving my car, as a named driver on my insurance. The other driver was at fault, and our car was written off. I'm confident I need to declare this.

2. Later the same year, my wife's mum was driving another car, on my wife's insurance as a named driver. She crashed into someone else, leaving injury and associated cost.

When I enter my wife's details into the price comparison sites, must I declare the second incident (wife's mum's crash) because it occured on my wife's policy? If so, what category should the claim description come under? All seem to pertain to the 'driver', whilst my wife wasn't driving at the time.

Any help gratefully received.

Named driver accidents and insurance - Bromptonaut

Yes you must declare the second incident. The relevant question is 'have there been any claims in last n years'. Better safe than sorry!!

Named driver accidents and insurance - Andy P

I thought the question was "have YOU had any claims" - surely the insurance is about you and not the car. After all, you weren't involved in the incident.

Named driver accidents and insurance - Chris M asks the question "Any motor accidents or claims in the last 5 years?"

Clicking on the '?' brings up "Please give us details of any accidents or claims you've had involving your car in the last 5 years. Please include incidents where you were not deemed to be at fault or where you were driving a different vehicle."

The same question has to be answered for each driver, so I'd say yes it has to be declared.

Named driver accidents and insurance - barney100
Better safe than sorry, grit your teeth and tell them all, it's the only way to be sure.

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