Should my car have been written off or repaired?

I was involved in an accident nearly 6 weeks ago.

Another car ploughed into the back of me as we were almost stationary and they were doing approx. 40 mph. Myself and two of my children were injured.

I didn't see the damage myself as I was in an ambulance etc. But all who attended the scene, including my partner who is a traffic policeman agreed that the car was probably a write off. The quarter panels were popped out, the boot was almost touching the back seat and there was thought to be a crease in the roof. Also the front seats were shunted into mine and my daughters legs, and a front vent ended up on my knee, but there was no impact from the front.

However the insurance engineer deemed it repairable.

Whilst I know I would not be returned an unsafe car, I am very worried that it won't be as good as it was and may affect selling price in the future. The car was also silver which is notoriously hard to match. I would like a second opinion before I sign to say 'Im happy with it, but I'm not an expert and have no idea if I am allowed to refuse to sign to accep[t the car before I get another opinion. Please help.

Asked on 1 March 2012 by AnnaMG

Answered by Honest John
I cannot understand how this was deemed repairable, but I suspect a scam, and if an accident management outfit is involved there almost certainly will be a scam.

If the repair is protracted and you are put into a 'credit hire' car for the duration of the repair, the hire costs could amount to tens of thousands of pounds and an attempt will be made to skim this from the insurers and also possibly from you of you signed a credit hire agreement and the insurers refuse to pay.

You need to get in touch with your insurers directly, registering your disquiet about what is going on.

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