Is there any way to find out why a car was written off?

I plan to buy a Volkswagen Golf 2009 which was a Category D Write off in 2012. The car belongs to a single owner and the full service history and log book is available. The car is currently available at auctions and I'm unable to find the exact reason for write off. Is there a possible way to find the reason for write off?

Asked on 30 May 2017 by amiya

Answered by Honest John
You need to carry out an experian check, not a HPI , and find the insurer who total lossed the vehicle. Contact the insurer, and be very very nice to them, explain the situation, and ask could the possibly explain what the area of damage or the claim was for, or even better, could they blank out any details for Data Protection, and send you a copy of the engineers report. You have no lawful entitlement to this in any way, so they can just say no. But a little charm and courtesy can go a long long way. If that doesn't work, you can use the V5 to write a letter to the previous owner asking.
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