renault laguna - dephaser problems,,read the book! - rozzer44

i bought a 2004 renault laguna diamonique it was 2 months old so basically it was a new car and i have still got it ,, it has done 46000 miles and of course had tyres and services,, at 30 000 miles it had a set of track rod ends , done by a mechanic,, i replaced the track rod ends again a couple of months ago ,, now the engine was terribly noisy after some investigation the dephaser pulley was at fault,, i rang around various garages and no one wanted to touch it ,,,,i decided to do it my self ,, after buying the special tools required to do the job i had it done in around 4 hrs ,, the pulley wheel itself was £145 and various tools required like the setting pin and camshaft holding tool was around £50 ,,, if you are going to attempt this job yourself make sure you read the haynes manual although its fairly straight forward , i didnt see the item where the crankshaft bolt must not exceed 49.1 mm as the origonal bolt was nearly 55mm in length the laguna was sweet as a nut for around a week ,, you can guess wat is coming,, it stopped and wudnt start i got it towed home and discovererd the bolt on the crankshaft had come loose there is no woodruff key holding the crankshaft sprocket in place now this bolt came loose because it was too long ,,, and the crank slipped bending all 16 valves which cost me alot of money to repair the laguna lives again but this is just a small warning to anyone wanting to attempt such a repair themselves,,,whether renault has designed the v,v t engine to slip the crank on purpose forcing you to take it to a renault dealer to repair costing £86 per hour (which i didnt) who knows ,, but to me it seems ridiculous that a simple bolt can cause massive engine damage ,,,,,i do love my laguna and like i said early it was near new when i purchased it and now it is running smooth again i intend to keep it for a lot longer

renault laguna - dephaser problems,,read the book! - Brian Xpress

Yea if you do this job make sure you do up this crankshaft bolt to about 200 nm. as it comes losse.

I have had a lot of experence of these engines!


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