Rejecting a faulty new car - what are my rights?

I bought an Audi A5 from Macclesfield Audi on the 21st of November, after a week I got a 'gearbox malfunction' warning while driving, the message also stated the car was okay to drive with reduced capabilities. I have contacted the dealer and asked them to collect the car for repair, but despite my efforts to progress this they have so far failed to get back to me with a date. I would now like to reject the car under 2015 consumer rights act, how should I proceed?

Asked on 2 December 2015 by Knight76

Answered by Honest John
Write a letter rejecting the car under the 30 day term of the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and previous legislation and case law and send it to the dealer principal of the dealership concerned by Post Office Special delivery demanding the return of your money and stating that you will return the car to the dealership on as specific date a few days hence. Keep a copy of your letter and staple to it the Certificate of Posting to prove that you rejected the car within the 30 day period. If the dealer challenges your rejection it will be a County Court test case under the new law. Consumer rights are here:
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