vauxhall corsa c sri - voluntary termination of hp agreement - jakelouise

have recently informed finance company requesting a VT as i had paid more than half of the agreed payments stated in the agreement. Then then informed me that i would only now pay for the insurance which was added as a separate agreement and to contact their agents to drop the car off which i have done it goes in on thurs this week, contacted the finance to let them know when it was being dropped off they then told me that i would have to pay to bring the car up to market valve. I thought that as long as i had taked reasonable care of the car i wouldnt have to pay any more the car is 10yrs old and has 97500 miles on it and yes it has small minor scratches on it and a dent that was on the car when i bought it would this be classed as normal wear and tear and although i,ve had the car 3 yrs i hav only done 12000 miles in that time. some advice would be welcomed as i feel there just trying to get more money off me


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