Tax discs - display insurance instead?

I wonder if you agree with me that, especially as we are now doing away with tax discs being displayed in the screen, we should follow the lead of France and make it compulsory that any car on the road must display a legible, check-able insurance disc/ticket.

We have all the technology to prevent fraud and for the authorities to scan passing vehicles and the fact is that morally and legally the greater evil is not to drive untaxed but uninsured.

You wouldn't think so, to see the fines handed out but, if I'm to be hit by a car, I'd rather know the driver had been compelled to show valid insurance than that he'd stumped up his road fund tax - to get the pot-holes fixed?

The authorities will say that by scanning the number plates of cars they can run a check as to insurance but that is something done for the police et al to "see if you are insured"; in France, everyone gets to see the uninsured car at a glance and the punishment can be a fine of about £3000 and 3 years ban - and your car may be confiscated.

Asked on 9 December 2013 by Scribble

Answered by Honest John
No because the reason why tax discs are being abolished is that the ANPR system immediately knows if the car is taxed, insured and MoT'd. So an insurance disc would be no more relevant than a tax disc. Anyone can check if any car is insured by running the plate on
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