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Skoda Octavia - Which Skoda diesel engine? - pint6x

Following on from an earlier thread about decent diesel estate cars, I seem to be homing in on either of the following:

Skoda Octavia mk1 1.9 TDi 130bhp, but with the Common rail injection, HOWEVER, before the piezo injectors were introduced (thanks to FBE659)

Skoda Octavia mk2 1.9 TDi 105bhp with common rail injection.

Question: How do I identify a mk1 1.9 130 TDi CR without the piezo injectors?

Question: Does the mk2 1.9 105 TDi CR use the piezo injectors or were these injectors introduced at a later stage? (thus making the early mk 2 105bhp engines the better bet)

Question: How do I identify a mk 2 1.9 105 TDi CR without the piezo injectors?

Question: do any of these engines have the dual mass flywheel and/or diesel particulate filter? If so, and these are problematic, which is best to avoid?

Thanks in advance

Regards - phil

Skoda Octavia - Which Skoda diesel engine? - AlleyCat`

1.9 TDI (3) 1896 cc 8v SOHC
PD (Pumpe Düse - Unit Injector) 105 PS (77 kW; 104 bhp)
@ 4,000 250 N·m (184 ft·lbf)
@ 1,900 BJB, BKC,
BXE, BLS 2004–

(MK2 model)

DPF came in on any car that is Euro IV compliant and above. Euro III is your best bet.

I think EURO IV came into force from 2005 on new cars so you'd be looking at 53/04 cars to avoid this.

The 130bhp engine was sweet (in my 53 plate passat), the 105bhp engine (in my current touran) is not anywhere near as nice drive wise but has (touch wood) never put a foot wrong.

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Skoda Octavia - Which Skoda diesel engine? - pint6x

thanks for the reply, but not sure what this means.

Are unit injectors different from piezo injectors?

Skoda Octavia - Which Skoda diesel engine? - AlleyCat`

BXE and BLS were/are the engine codes for the MKII (1.9TDi)

To be honest i thought the 1.9TDI's didn't use piezo injectors (i thought the PD units used solenoid ones) but some extra reading has suggested they now do.

That leaves me wondering when a PD engine isn't a CRD engine (scratches head)

If you want to avoid t DPF you'd be buying a car pre 2005.

Personally still think the 130 engine is the best but i'm unsure if that was available in the MKII Octavia.

If it was only available on the MkI it'd be a 04 plate at the latest i'd guess.

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Skoda Octavia - Which Skoda diesel engine? - 659FBE

There are many variations of VAG diesel engines - they played "lego" with all the parts.

The best identifier is the engine code, usually a 3 letter code such as AWX which is printed on a paper label on the camwheel cover and on the build spec tickets. These can be found stuck inside the spare wheel well and inside the front cover of the service book. The engine build spec ticket will include the output power in kW (1 BHP = 0.746 kW).

Failing this, there are a few simple indicators. Early engines with a VE rotary pump will have external high pressure fuel plumbing - visible under the engine cover. Most were discontinued in about '00 but some lived on in odd Skodas and the like until '04.

PD engines have no high pressure fuel pipes at all and look strangely simple Early PDs were sohc 1.9 litre units, later increased to 2.0 litre. Some 2.0 PDs had the old 8 valve 1.9 head fitted to them (Skoda Superb Mk1 for instance) but most were twin OHC. Look at the outline of the plastic camwheel cover - twin camshafts = 2 round cover bulges for camshaft wheels.

The 2.0 PD is a risky venture. Although with an 8v head you will get the solenoid injectors, the oil pump drive couplings are suspect especially for some reason on N-S models. A failure here generally wrecks the engine. 2.0 PDs with 16v heads will use piezo injectors and a Siemens ECU - not my favourite system. Coupled with the likely fitment of a DPF they are best avoided.

CR engines once again have an external pump and high pressure fuel pipework - but twin OHCs. The layout is quite distinctive with a heavy fuel rail clearly visible under the cover.

Summary - for the lazy investigator: Get the engine code and Google it.


Skoda Octavia - Which Skoda diesel engine? - daveyjp

None of the 1.9TDi will have piezo injectors - these were first used on the 2.0TDi 170PS PD engines in about 2006.

Skoda Octavia - Which Skoda diesel engine? - Dutchie
To avoid all the diesel problems injectors dpf and dual mass flywheel on older models why not go for a petrol version?The Skoda is a nice car with buying a diesel it all depends on the previous owner short runs quality of petrol used and service history.What you save on fuel cost you might have to pay out on problems.
Skoda Octavia - Which Skoda diesel engine? - Dutchie
Sorry diesel used
Skoda Octavia - Which Skoda diesel engine? - pint6x

The Superbs were available up until about 2006/07 with the 1.9 130 TDi lump - are these later ones ok?

Also, I know you're a fan of the 130 horse unit, but are the 100 (earlier) and 105 (later) horse units any good?

Thanks again, and sorry about all these questions!

cheers - phil

Skoda Octavia - Which Skoda diesel engine? - AlleyCat`

I (personally) don't like the 105bhp unit in my VW Touran (which is shortly going away).

It is harsh, feels somewhat "gutless" and is noisy at motorway speeds (which is the bit i dislike the most).

BTW when i say motorway speeds i mean 65mph+ and not 80mph+ :-)

I suppose it saves me money on the basis i drive it more economically to avoid the noise!

Having said all that, some of what 659 has said tends to suggest the engines used in Skoda vehicles might not be exactly the same as those in VW brand vehicles (which is what i'm used to).

As i haven't driven an octavia with a 1.9 lump (just a 2.0TDi) i can't really say what it would be like in that vehicle.

Skoda Octavia - Which Skoda diesel engine? - 659FBE
For a given code identifier, VAG diesels are the same over the whole range of vehicles down to the last detail. An AWX diesel engine in a Superb is essentially the same as an AWX fitted to an old Audi.

An oddball engine such as the 2.0 PD 8 valve fitted to the last Mk1 Superbs has its own code - and was not to my knowledge ever fitted to anything else in the UK. There seem to be plenty in Passats in the US though - I wonder if VAG had cold feet about selling the 2.0 4 valve with piezo injectors over there?

I test drove a Superb with the lower powered 1.9 PD (105 BHP I think) and found it perfectly adequate for sensible unhitched motoring. I bought a 130 variant because there's no fuel penalty for the same driving style and no purchase cost penalty (used) or insurance premium. You need to shop around, but old Superbs are not easy to sell - I looked at quite a few. Some, in dealers' outlets, were a disgrace.

The PD is not a refined diesel but it's at its best in a big heavy chassis with tall gearing. As a towcar and motorway hack, it works well for me.

Skoda Octavia - Which Skoda diesel engine? - DRC406

If the car has a DPF fitted then it should/must have a DPF warning light on the dashboard.

Skoda Octavia - Which Skoda diesel engine? - IanJohnson

I had a 2008 1.9 without a DPF

They were available with or without dpf at the time. I guess one of the three letter codes on the big label under the boot floor will tell you if it has or not.


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