Honda CR-V - Finding a fuse - Bill Blackman
First problem of any sort since new 2007.
There are three 'cigarette lighter' contacts in the CR-V, one at the base of the binacle, one in the boot wall and one in the 'cubbyhole' in the central console between the two front seats.
It's this last one between the seats I can't find in the manual. Neither can the dealer, who has kindly offered to find it for me.
The one in the boot is the only one I can find anywhere in the manual.
I can't find the main one in the binacle either, but that's still working so far.

Can anyone help with this?

Honda CR-V - Finding a fuse - Collos25

Was it fitted by a previous owner to feed a phone charger or something similar if so it more than likely fed from nearest 12v supply.Connect a test bulb to it and pull out fuses till it goes out.

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