'97 VW Golf VR6 - No cold air from A/C - jonny-5

Hi, wondering if you can help me with my A/C problem. The problem is that there is no cold air coming out of the vents - even on the low setting which overides the climate control system and just blows the coldest air it can.

The system has been re-gassed recently and upon doing so, we found there was nearly the full amount of gas removed so I am confident that there are no leaks.

I've checked all the hoses when it's running and they are all at ambient temperature, which isn't right, the compressor engages correctly. I then disconnected the pressure switch which disengages the A/C clutch, I bridged the pressure switch harness terminals 1 and 2, this caused the A/C clutch to engage and separately when 3 and 4 were bridged the cooling fans turned on. Which would suggest that the pressure switch is working ok.

What else can I check? I can check the pressure with the proper machine when I'm at work. Could it be a worn compressor?

'97 VW Golf VR6 - No cold air from A/C - tazmania4580
blend doors (controls mix of cold A/C air and hot heater
air) This is controlled by pneumatic controller. just found this on the net, may make
sense to you

'97 VW Golf VR6 - No cold air from A/C - jonny-5
Thanks for the reply, wouldn't something like come up on a diagnostic scan? I have done this and the only fault with the A/C system was the vehicle speed sensor, the same sensor gives the signal for the speedo too. Can't see how it would affect the A/C in this way. Also if the mix flap were not operating correctly wouldn't the high and low pressure pipes still get to their temperatures?
'97 VW Golf VR6 - No cold air from A/C - tazmania4580

not sure m8, just found that on the net from someone with a vr6

'97 VW Golf VR6 - No cold air from A/C - madf

It sounds like a worn compressor.. BUT...you could spend a fortune changing bits and bobs..

Dilemma as a proper aircon engineer is not cheap and the car is old...

'97 VW Golf VR6 - No cold air from A/C - jonny-5

That's what I thought.

Tested the pressures today:

Before re-charge: Low side = 5.5 BAR, High side = 6 BAR

After re-charge: Low side = 5 BAR, high side = 7 BAR

So not good! My money is on the compressor with those type of readings


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