I bought a van but have no V5, can I sell it?

I bought a new van from a local dealer in March. I am now looking to sell the van, but the dealer hasn't given me the V5. After some investigation the van I bought was a pre reg but this wasn't explained to me at the time. They are now saying that the person who holds the V5 is on a round the world trip and will send it when he's home. This sounds a bit dodgy to me.

Will I still be able to sell the van without any hassle without the V5? Is it legal to sell a vehicle and withhold the V5 even when it's requested?

Asked on 9 August 2023 by nicky

Answered by David Ross
It is possible to sell a vehicle without the V5C, although you may find potential buyers are put off by the lack of documentation. We would suggest applying to the DVLA for a replacement V5C, which you can do here: www.gov.uk/vehicle-log-book/if-you-cannot-apply-on...e
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