Irremovable handprints on paint work - PBs
My car had been serviced/ valeted by different companies in Ireland prior to be heading away for 6 week break during the summer. On my return, there were what appeared to be greasy hand prints on the panels/ doors/ bonnet and boot. I have been unable to remove them and a subsequent valet failed. The local garage in UK suggested it was suntan lotion as it happened in the summer months. Is there any product on the market that will remove these marks or given the time that has elapsed do the panels need respraying ? I don't imagine it is suntan lotion given you'd rarely be wearing any in the UK, I am more inclined to believe it a substance used by the valet company person thats not been removed at the time of cleaning.
Irremovable handprints on paint work - Hamsafar
Maybe it is barrier cream that garage workers use to stop the dirt and chemicals soaking into their skin. I am sorry to hear it, but it's hard to offer advice as if the paint is delicate enough to be stained it may be stained by other chemicals trying to remove the stains.
Irremovable handprints on paint work - dimdip
Assuming you haven't already, it would be worth talking to a proper specialist detailer. They can use various fine abrasive methods to remove surface marks from clearcoat, and then polish back to like-new. If it has gone through the clearcoat then perhaps some kind of respray would be the only solution.
Irremovable handprints on paint work - lotusexige
I've used Gif in the past for marks which I could not shift otherwise.
Irremovable handprints on paint work - stunorthants26
Sounds like suncream to me. I have a customer with a black ML and the kids are forever getting suncream handprints all over the paint. A quality cleaner wax is what I use to remove them without too much hassle.
Irremovable handprints on paint work - M.M
I'd go for suncream too. I've had it when on holiday with the kids... not thought too much about it but found two weeks later at home the met silver paint seemed to have adopted a slightly different shade in the handprints and nothing on the shelf would polish it out.
Irremovable handprints on paint work - bintang
Try first one of Simoniz's disposable wipes, about £3 per packet from Wilco. One of the range easily moved 2 years' worth of resin from my car roof where several other products, including two specialised ones from Autoglym, failed completely. I did have some very minor success with meths, however.
Irremovable handprints on paint work - martint123
Previous mentioned here - maybe some tips?
Irremovable handprints on paint work - JORDY

I have an update which everyone with white hand markes on there cars as I have found a cheap solution which removes these marks from your paint work. I have a static caravan and bought a solution to remove black makes from the body work outside which was recommended by my caravan insurance company.

I bought the solution and the decided to try it on my car which had white hand marks on it and it work with ease . The stuff is called SILKY caravan,boat and Pvc cream cleaner which works and removes the marks 100% and is not abrassive. Please folks could someone let me know how they get on once they have tried it as you will be delighted with the result. Look up silky on ebak it costs about £6 but well worth it with definite results

Irremovable handprints on paint work - paul 1963

I really suggest you don't try that on paintwork, it's a abrasive, strangely enough I used a similar product on our patio doors today and while it did remove the marks it also took off the shine....

Irremovable handprints on paint work - lordwoody

The previous post sounds a bit like spam to me, this is an old thread which tends to attract spammers.


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