vw passat model variant - mark gaskell
Hi Guys first time on HJ so please be gentle on me,

just acquired a brand new VW Passat 1.9 td pd (red d and red i letters on badge) from a car supermarket (S Ireland import).

I am trying to acsertain exactly what engine spec I have 100hp or 130hp. I bought it as a 100 but information supplied with the car is at odds with itself supplying supermarket does not have a clue either.

Having gone over various components the latest manufacturing date I can find stamped on any would appear to be march 2001. Most appear to be Feb 2001.
So I presume it left the factory in March or April this year. Documents supplied with it give the manufacturing date variously as feb 2001 or Nov 2000 which is a bit odd.

When going through the owners pack supplied with it (published Aug 2000) the illustration given for the various engine compartments clearly shows it to have the 130 engine cover (with ribbed recesses and shiny VW badge on coloured background) and layout not the 100 which has a differant cover (plain, no recesses) and layout. But the paper sticker id in the spare tyre well claims it is a 100 (74kn).

I suppose the question is have I been given the relevant owners manual, does the one I have show the engine layout of a previous passat variant for 2000 and were engine covers changed for 2001 or is info in book correct and and I have a 130 engine fitted.

Bit wary of approaching VW dealers at this stage given feedback on this site about them and given it is an import.

But I would like to have peace of mind for insurance purposes more than anything.


Re: vw passat model variant - Alvin Booth
I seem to think that this has been bought up before on this site so you may well find the answer by using search.
If you can find the spec for these two models through a catalogue or Parkers site etc you may find the answer by checking other components.
For example the vectra DI with has drum brakes on the rear whereas the DTi has disks all round.
Tyre sizes are also often different with differences in power output.
However I'm sure one of our resident experts will find an easier way to find out.

Re: vw passat model variant - mark gaskell
Yep I have seen earlier thread about 90 vs 110 on earlier passats and my enquiry is vaguely similar but not really answered by earlier threads.

Assuming car has correct badges (it is brand new) docs and car do not correlate.

Have I been given mixed up or out of date docs which is probably the most likely explanation or even better the right docs but wrong motor according to your point of view.

The only thing common across the docs given (although not the owners book which only has PDI stamp) is the VIN sticker and plate but neither has an identifiable engine code on it hence my confusion.

If VW changed the engine covers since the handbook was printed in Aug 2000 this would cure my puzzlement and allow me to rest easy with regards insurance.

But the owners book illustrations of the various engine bays tells me I have a 130 not 100 engine and engine bay layout. Is there anything stamped on the engine cases which might tell me what it is?
Re: vw passat model variant - honest john
All Mark has to do is phone the VW Customer Care line, give them the VIN and ask them.

Re: vw passat model variant - honest john
Of course, the other way to tell is that the 100 is noisy and slow, while the 130 is quieter and quite quick.

Re: vw passat model variant - honest john
Phone number for VW Customer Care Line is 0800 711 811. Mark needs to phone it anyway to get his car registered onto VW UK's computer, otherwise the company won't know his car is here and he could miss out on early recalls. VW's computer also records VW dealer services, so being on it helps to verify a service history and adds to a car's value.

Re: German Build Quality - Guy Lacey
Judging by the idiots on the Golf GTI web-sites who can "feel" the 1 bhp difference a new neon blue air filter cover has given their 90bhp Golf Driver GTI look-a-like I suspect a 110 vs 130 TDI should be easy to spot!

...............and being German, especially VW, it will never rot and be built to last.

Wait for it.....
TuningBox? Who's to know? - David Lacey
Mark - if you are lumbered with the 90 or 100BHP model consider fitting a TuningBox - see my earlier thread. I think it's available for the 130PD engine aswell.
The engine code (usually stamped on the cambelt cover) something like AAA AFN AFK etc would be a great help in identifying your motor.
Watching for your reply with anticipation.........

Re: TuningBox? Who's to know? - mark gaskell
Hi David

only 3 letter code I can find on cambelt cover is printed on a sticky label and it is AVB. Does this mean anything?

I rang VW to put it on their computer and to see if they can help with engine ID and until I send a copy of the logbook (awaiting it from DVLA) and a copy of the service book showing PDI has been done they can't help.


Re: vw passat model variant - mark gaskell
Dear HJ Many thanks for practical advice about getting onto VW computer I will call them tomorrow.

It will be interesting as I took it to VW dealer today who looked under bonnet and said "its a 130" despite spare well sticker saying 74kw. Does this mean some poor s*d has a 130 with a 110 engine.

As I am still running in not sure about how quick but its certainly got more stomp than my 2.0l Vectra DI and is quieter too.

Will post outcome of telephone call but any answers to questions in previous threads about whether owners handbook has correct photos for model or if engine cover types have been changed in 2001 would still be appreciated.

With regards to Mr Lacey's comment have already spotted 2 items relating to finish which will be raised with dealer once on computer. I've only had it two days!

Thanks chaps

Engine Code AVB - David Lacey
I'll look into our SEAT service paperwork tommorrow and see if I can tie up the engine code to power output for you. Both SEAT and Audi/VW use the same engines.

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