written off options - spark76
iam currently in the process of having my car assessed for repair as a non fault claim. the fault driver originally wanted to pay for my car to be repaired to avoid affecting his long no claims.
after getting a number of quotes from countless body shops the average seemed to be around the £1,200 mark, needless to say the fault driver quickly changed his mind and opted for the insurance route.
at this point i am still waiting to here back from the insurance assessor regarding his valuation of repair.
it has taken a while and iam now worried that they may go down the right off route due to the age of the car. the car in question is a 1999 Peugeot 406 T.D with 66.000 miles and a full service history.
which in my mind is still a serviceable vehicle with a hell of alot more motoring and miles ahead of it. regardless of this though most people I've spoken to about this have stated that it will probably be written off by the assessor due to its age.
I've heard people talk about buying the car back off the insurance company (if this is indeed possible) and can i ask for more than they are offering for a settlement if i think that it is not acceptable??
having never had a car written off i really don't know what my rights are regarding this and would appreciate any advice.

thanks all.
written off options - M.M
I've helped folks go through this a few times with good results.... but from the sounds of it when the damage was less. For an example a few years back an Escort hatch with a damaged rear wing but otherwise driveable. However for an insurance repair it needed a complex replacement wing at great cost.

It was first valued at a £500 payout to write off but I assisted the owner with evidence of pre-accident condition and regular maintenance which got the offer up to £750. They then offered the car back at £150 so the people had their car plus £600. Did a rough job with a hammer and filler sufficient to pass the required inspection (forget what this was but a requirement to keep the car insured in the future). Insurance co also insisted it was re-mot'd which passed fine.

So they still had their useable car and £500 at the end of the deal.

Yours may be more of a problem. The write off value might be say £1000 and if a similar sell back of £150 was offered you probably won't have enough to repair it to a good standard.
written off options - spark76
hi there the quotes for repair to the car make it seem as if the damage to the car is substantial........however the actual damage consists of a small dent and scuff on wing, scuff on wing mirror and a dent and scuff on lower portion of the door which has pulled top of door away from body of car by a few millimeters.
sorry but i still don't fully understand the whole buy back thing, if it was written off and i could buy car back with a few hundred £'s on top then i would consider,
any more info on that side of things???

thanks for your input.
written off options - glowplug
My 405 GTX TD estate was written off following a rear ender. The damage was just to the rear door. So the insurance company offered £1050 with the option to buy back the car for £65 which I took. I replaced the back door and got the car MOT'd. Shortly after this I got a letter in the post stating that the car had to go to a gov testing station for a VIN check (to make sure it's not another vehicle masquerading as the wrote off one). This was passed and the log (V5) was updated to show it was a Cat D write off. This means the car is effectively worthless and I guess you wouldn't get another payout in the event of an accident but you have got the vehicles value already paid to you from the write off.

Hope that helps.

written off options - RichardW
Remember you are not claiming on your insurance, you are claiming on the third party's. Do not let them take it away - they have no claim on it. Tell them you want it repaired, or equivalent replacement cost - I doubt you could buy a similar car for £1200.
written off options - Westpig
Never lose sight of the fact that YOU own the car. YOU choose what happens to it. Why would you want to buy a car back from people who will never own it unless you agree to it.

They might well try to say the car is only worth say £800, so they're not willing to pay £1,200 for a repair...in which case you'll have to negotiate with them...but strictly speaking if you are not at fault, they should be putting you back in the position you were before the accident, even if it costs the £1,200...(easier said than done, i'd agree).

If you want to keep your car, then do so, it's your choice not theirs. It's their choice of course whether or not to pay out unless you conform to their conditions, however, someone paid them a premium for them to cover this sort of eventuality, so they won't be able to completely duck the issue.

Stand your ground and politely insist they fit around you. That's what I did in similar circs some years back. Took a few goes....and with management grades, but I got there in the end.
written off options - Altea Ego
A small scuff on the bottom of the door does not pull the top of the door away from the body. Its more than a scuff and has bent the door.
written off options - Altea Ego
To buy another car like yours will cost you 1600 - 1700 quid. There is your target.