99 2.0 TD poor running, won't rev? - joeboote

I've just bought this car and really could do with some advice. I know there are a few people on here much more knowledgeable about these engines.

THe car is a 1999 420 LDi (which I assume is the intercooler version?) I bought from ebay in a bit of a rush., with fresh MOT and defintely an favourable descripotion, seemed ok but should've been more cautious.

The car drives OK, it's possibly a little sluggish and definielty smokey on much throttle. The most obvious fault is that the car won't rev beyond 3200rpm when hot. When cold it'll happily rev (very smokily) but after running for 20 minutues when the temperature reaches half way, it won't go about 3200 rpm. It's like it hits the rev limiter at 3300 rpm, the car doesn't stall but stays at that engine speed and just occilates between 3000-3500.

I've done a quick search on here, and also google, but couldn't fined anything relevant. Any takers?
Thanks in advance for any help.
99 2.0 TD poor running, won't rev? - joeboote

Just to add:...

I've had a quick look at the intercooler pipes and couldn't find any problems.

Came to work this morning wit the MAF disconectted, with no change in the symptons above.

Economy is poor.
99 2.0 TD poor running, won't rev? - Peter.N.
I'm not familier with this particular engine but lack of power and smoke is generally caused by lack of air. Could be a turbo fault but more likely to be an obstruction in the air intake somewhere. Try disconnecting the air pipe at the inlet manifold and see if that has any effect.