My car has had two new engines and now has more problems - can I reject it?

I have owned a Ford Focus Ecoboost for the last three years and it has had two new engines. It has now gone back to garage with the same problem. Ford is now saying it is the water pump, but the symptoms are the same as before, white smoke coming from exhaust, high engine temperature and a loss of coolant. I am in dispute with Ford as I do not want the car once fixed and have lost all confidence in it. What are my options?

Asked on 30 August 2017 by Matt leadbetter

Answered by Honest John
The engine has a watercooled turbo that superheats the engine coolant before sending it back to the expansion tank via a 'degas pipe' that was found to have a weak union in it. All of these degas pipes should now have been replaced. But the turbo is also oil cooled and if the oil feed and oil return pipes are blocked with carbonised oil from switching the engine off when the turbo is too hot, the bearing will not get its necessary lubrication and will overheat beyond the capacity of the watercooling to cool it. I can't understand why your car had not been properly fixed. In the circumstances I would demand that the supplying dealer buys it back at current market price.
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