Stationary but the Insurance want 50/50 - injection doc
driving down a single track road with passing spaces I had just passed a blind bend & in the narrowist part of the road met a Saxo coming the other way. As I had just passed a passing space I was quite happy to reverse back but as I selected reverse I realised that the young girl hadn't even eased off! I threw it into drive & scrambled up the bank as far as i could but due to the adverse bank the rear wheel arch was still well in the road. Well the inevitable happened but she hit the back door first & continued down the rear wing at speed & didn't manage to stop untill 30-40ft behind my vehicles. Her first comment was about 4x4 drivers! This girl had attitude with capital A. There was no way she could of ever got through & I still don't know how she passed even with the damage. now my good old insurance company bless them want me to accept knock for knock as there are no witnesses for me but the saxo driver had a passenger!. Well i was stationary & I thought that counts for something but apparently not. I have been back & taken photos of car in the lane & am astounded she even attempted to pass let alone at speed. i am spitting feathers because why should I have to pay out my excess ( I do have protected no claims ) for someone elses stupidity. Anyone had sucess with anything similar.
Stationary but the Insurance want 50/50 - pmh3
Did you manage to get the name /address/relationship of the passenger? I had something similar in a single track country lane 20 years ago, where the offending party was a learner. The instructor lied through his teeth, and in this case a nice friendly letter to the driver got her to confirm my version of events. Payment in full.

It later transpired that the instructor was a moonlighting taxi driver - probably not actually insured either!
Stationary but the Insurance want 50/50 - Bill Payer
If you'd crashed head-on then I could understand 50/50 but as she hit your back door first then their decision seems remarkable.

How far has this got - have you had it out with the insurance company or is 50/50 their opening offer?

You're not both insured with insurance companies who are part of the same group, are you?

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Stationary but the Insurance want 50/50 - GroovyMucker
If they're suggesting 50/50 then there must be a reason. It might be simple laziness - or it might be that the other driver has given them reason to suppose you contributed equally to the collision.

Might be an idea to ask them on what basis they suggest you contributed anything to the collision happening.
Stationary but the Insurance want 50/50 - injection doc
Thanks, I have written requesting why. Has anyone experienced one of these or something similar ?
Sounds the bizzo, would it stand up in court? I asume so.

they do night vision ones as well including GPS unit so location & time etc is all recoreded.
My vehicle records crash data but its retrieving it for something so trivial is the problem unless anyone knows different.
Stationary but the Insurance want 50/50 - Pugugly
Recommend - got one of their kits for the bike. Very good.
Stationary but the Insurance want 50/50 - martint123
Cauld you confirn the web address? I'm getting a domain name reseller when I try it.

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Stationary but the Insurance want 50/50 - David Horn
Stationary but the Insurance want 50/50 - martint123
Cheers - found it via google.
A touch pricey for my pocket though.
Stationary but the Insurance want 50/50 - bell boy
i like the link ,i use a similar thing on a lot of my journeys but it only records for a max of 2 hours with a 2gb card (the max it works with the busbi video recorder) mine also only uses aa batteries,ive tried modifying a maplin sd recorder but the results were poor
if you can find a source selling this device over here for $100 i would be interested,im not keen on the internet auction site offerings but dip in to see whats new quite often,i reckon your link has good selling capabilities if marketed at this figure
(ps in the link it recommends sandisk as the preferred sd medium,i agree with this they always do the task faultlessly)
Stationary but the Insurance want 50/50 - Pugugly
Dogcam are the business - they know their onions and can provide anything from Bogstandard through to professional bespoke kits. Cameras are Sony and are as sturdy as hell.
Stationary but the Insurance want 50/50 - injection doc
thank you for that I will look into that. It only needs a few mins recording because if you ever have a prang its all over in seconds. It should just keep re-recording so shouldn't be a problem
Stationary but the Insurance want 50/50 - David Horn
Similar thing happened to me a few years ago. Tucked into the hedge but a mini-bus tried to squeeze through the gap and despite me leaning on the horn he scraped the rear of the car from the back door to the boot.

He worked as security at a hotel up the road and when I went to see him the next day was a bit threatening and insisted that I had tried to force my way through and had a bus full of passengers to prove it.

Chatted to the hotel manager and discovered that the bloke wasn't actually allowed to drive the bus - he hadn't told them, and presumably had been trying to get me to quietly drop things. Hotel told me to take it to a body-shop of my choice and send them the bill, and I suspect the security goon got what was coming to him.
Stationary but the Insurance want 50/50 - Cliff Pope
That's one reason why on narrow lanes I sometimes deliberately block the road while reversing to a passing place, to avoid giving some idiot any encouragement to try and squeeze through a gap.
Of course it's different if someone comes too fast round a corner and can't stop anyway.
Stationary but the Insurance want 50/50 - CGNorwich
If you Insurer insists settling 50/50 but you believe you have a good case sue the driver for your excess under the small claims procedure.

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