Unavailable Licence - Pontylad
As I'm a new member this may have been discussed before.

If someone has to surrender his/her licence to have points added, they will be without a licence while it is at the penalty office. This process will take some 4 weeks (if posting) even longer if the postal strike goes ahead, before it is returned.

Question is, what happens in the meantime? does the person drive? I they do decide to drive, and if stopped by the law, does he or she commit an offence because they technically cannot produce the licence within required number of days. With new licences you have to post off the card and paper copy as well.

Any thoughts?
Unavailable Licence - Pugugly
Your driver details will be on PNC a feature that all Police Officers have access to. Technically you can commit the offence of failing to produce. What kind of licence do you have ? If you have Photocard its only the Part 2 bit that gets sent up - all your entitlements are on Part 1.
Unavailable Licence - Pontylad
Its a Photocard but I thought you had to surrender both card and paper copy
Unavailable Licence - DinUK
It gets interesting if you had planned to drive abroad though... So don't send it off if a planned holiday is near..

Unavailable Licence - rtj70
I have only ever got some points once and had a paper licence at the time. But I'd have thought you sent both parts off. The reason for believing this is any new licence is printed with both parts and they meet up at the end of the process just before being stuck in an envelope. All automatic with machines (and a bit of shoe polish unless they fixed that problem by now - used to use a bit of Kiwi upside down!).

I admit I could be wrong on this as my tour of DVLA was some years ago.