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We have very happily driven 2nd-hand Toyotas for twenty years and are thinking of buying new, under the scrappage scheme. Both my wife and I learned to drive in Canada and when we came here opted to just drive automatics only. We couldn't figure out why we should have to learn to drive all over again. Besides a car is simply meant to get you from A to B, so why complicate it with manually changing gears? I have a question: Does Toyota's multimode (switchable between fully automatic and clutch-less gear changing) qualify as an automatic under British licensing rules? I couldn't find the answer on DVLA's website.

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Answered by Honest John
Yes it does, as does any car with no clutch pedal. But be aware that it takes a bit of getting used to. It's an electronically controlled automated manual and you have to allow for the electronics that cushion the changes that can translate into lurching if you are clumsy with the accelerator.
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