99 1.6 faulty relay?? - kane14

I have a Peugeot 306 1.6 LX 99 T reg. I went to start it today, it was started ok and i put the lights, wipers, rear window heat etc on, after about 6-7 seconds the front light lights flicked on and off then there was a sudden loss of power, all lights on the dash went out and the engine completely died, i tried to start it again but it just keeps turning over without firing.

After trying a couple of times i noticed a clicking noise coming from the engine, so i had a look to see if there was anything under the bonnet. The clicking continued and then stopped and now only come on when either the door is left open or it is trying to be started, there is also an odd smell on the inside of the car, almost like a burning.

Now i called my breakdown company and the chap came out had a look at it for about 10 seconds, said it looked like a problem with a relay and told me to take it a garage. Thats fine, however im really not very technical when it comes to cars and was wondering if anyone could give me any more information or if anyone has had the same problem and how it was fixed/price etc?



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