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1995 4.0l LPG Problem - spikelet
I've just bought a '95 Jeep Cherokee 4.0l Ltd. with an lpg conversion and for the first few days, it has run perfectly. However, it has now started cutting out at every junction and roundabout while on gas but no problems when on petrol. I have to admit I may have accidentally allowed the tank to run dry on the way to my first gas fill-up but there's none of the backfiring I was warned about. The car's been pretty well maintained and it has a Mandini single point system. I dearly want to solve this and start enjoying it again. Any suggestions?

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1995 4.0l LPG Problem - Humperdink
Hi Spikelet

What was the service history like on the LPG system?

Engine can cut out on lpg if gas filter not changed for some time, I know mine has done that around the time it is due for a service, these sytems are very sensitive and need to be maintained as such.

1995 4.0l LPG Problem - spikelet
Good point! The overall service history is very good but that doesn't necessarily mean the lpg's been looked at. By the way, when running it up with the bonnet open, I noticed vapour venting from a small hole right in the centre of the vapouriser. I hate to ask but is this normal? Anyway, the next thing is to try to locate the gas filter without a plan of the system!
1995 4.0l LPG Problem - Humperdink
gas leaking is definatly not normal!!

at best this is prob why your system is cutting out, at worst it could explode!!!

I think you need to get this seen to right away!

i use a place called the green fuel company but just google lpg converters near you and you will find a garage, i can't imagine this should cost too much to fix, but make sure you insist the garage is a member of the lpg converters guild (not sure of the actual name of the group)

1995 4.0l LPG Problem - spikelet
The good news: there's an lpg installer not far from me (N. Hampshire) who can do the work.

The bad news: they're quoting in excess of £300 for a new vapouriser (not including fitting etc.). A tad excessive, I think. Assuming the new unit doesn't necessarily have to be another Tartarini, does anyone know of a good supplier? Thanks again for all help and info!
1995 4.0l LPG Problem - motorprop
I bought a new Vapourizer on E bay for £80 delivered for a 4.2 Nissan Patrol conversion. Made in Turkey. Fitting cost £45

Cutting out : check the vehicle's water level in the cooling system. If low that could be a cause of the cutting - out problem .

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